EMDR: the evidence

Read just some of the latest research on EMDR therapy.

De Roos et al. (2017) carried out a study with children aged 8-18 who had developed PTSD after a single traumatic event. They found that EMDR was just as effective as cognitive behavioural writing therapy in reducing PTSD symptoms, and that EMDR reduced the children’s symptoms more quickly. About 92% of children no longer had PTSD after around four sessions of EMDR. They were still free of PTSD one year later.

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Carletto et al. (2016) found that EMDR and relaxation both significantly improved anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms and mood in patients with MS and PTSD.

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Chen at al. (2015) looked at 11 scientific studies to find out whether EMDR or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) was more effective in treating PTSD. They found that EMDR was more effective overall.

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Chen et al. (2014) looked at 26 scientific studies and concluded that EMDR therapy significantly reduces PTSD symptoms, including depression and anxiety. They found that it is especially effective at reducing patients’ distress.

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