Susan Darker-Smith & Johnny Moran

Working with Neuro-Diverse, Autistic and ADHD Presentations with Children & Adults
Online Workshop – Saturday 11 November 2023
6 CPD Credits awarded by EMDR All-Ireland Association

Cost: €125


About this Workshop:

Consistent with the developmental protocol when working with your children, treatment is informed by the AIP Model, 8 Phases of EMDR, 3 Prong Past – Present – Future, the Application of ABLS there are very distinct critical differences as to how we apply and engage through 8 phases.

The presenters will primarily focus on working with younger presentations, however they will also highlight how the treatment principles apply to learning disabilities and various Neuro Diverse Adult Presentations.

Children have many strengths which can often benefit society despite the equal challenges that may be experienced by neuro-diverse children trying to navigate a neuro-typical social world.

Where neuro-diverse children experience trauma, therapists need to be neuro-diverse aware and affirming in order to create a positive, emotional connection with their client, in which the client feels seen, heard and valued.

In EMDR processing, the neuro-diverse child may need additional modifications to the standard EMDR protocol to help make EMDR more accessible, to help them self-regulate in ways which are sensitive to their neuro-diversity and to help the experience of unpredictable emotions become tolerable.

The child’s neuro-diversity can be utilised (with our without the storytelling method) as a unique opportunity for resourcing, the use of an extended preparation phase may help the child manage trait anxiety and the modification of EMDR to take into account the child’s strengths as well as their challenges (e.g. Making EMDR more novel and breaking sessions into shorter sections for the child with ADHD; utilising the storytelling method for children with Autism to help create momentum in the processing) is a necessary adaptation for engaging neuro-divergent children in therapy.



Susan Darker-Smith is the clinical director of the Child Trauma Therapy Centre and a Senior Europe Accredited EMDR Child & Adolescent Trainer. She is a founding Trustee of the Trauma Response Network UK, a charity set up to deliver pro bono emergency EMDR therapy to those affected by mass trauma in the UK as well as being a founding member of the Global Child-EMDR Alliance, a non-profit set up during the Covid pandemic to provide support and free resources to EMDR therapists working with children and families. She has presented both nationally and internationally in the field of EMDR and Children and has co-written a chapter on Neurodiversity-Affirming EMDR Therapy for children with Autism and ADHD in the Oxford Press EMDR Handbook. She is a passionate advocate for modifying EMDR to fit the needs of the child whilst remaining true to the standard protocol (the heart of EMDR).
Johnny Moran, Clinical Director Open Minds Centre , clinic specializing in treatment of Trauma.   Johnny is an accredited EMDR Europe Consultant, an Accredited EMDR Europe Child & Adolescents Consultant, EMDR Institute Training facilitator. Johnny has completed the EMDR Europe Standard Trainer in Training programme and is currently completing the EMDR Europe Child Trainer in Training Programme.
Johnny is accredited Psychotherapist and accredited Supervisor with IAHIP (Irish Association Humanistic Integrative Therapy). He is National Coordinator for Trauma Response Network Ireland and is actively involved in Trauma Research Projects, serving on the Boards of Trauma Aid Europe and EMDR All Ireland National Association.





EMDR All Ireland AGM

Date – Friday 24th November 2023

Guest Speaker Arun Mansukhsni is a Clinical Psychologist (PsyD) and Psycho-sexual Therapist with 25 years of experience as a therapist. Arun has a Post Graduate Masters in Psycho-sexual Therapy, in Behavioural-Cognitive Therapies, in Hypnosis and he is an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant and facilitator. Arun is also a Level III Sensorimotor therapist.

Location: Clayton Hotel Belfast

It will be a fully in-person event. We are delighted that our esteemed colleague
 Arun Mansukhani, Vice Director, IASP Centre, Malaga will present his highly acclaimed workshop on Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, using EMDR therapy. 
Registration with tea/coffee will be at 9.30am. The workshop will start at 9.45. Following long standing precedent of EMDR UK & I, the AGM will start at 1.45 after a brief lunch break. Once the AGM is complete, the workshop will resume, finishing at 4.30pm.
 We will include morning and afternoon coffee breaks and provide soup, sandwiches, tea/coffee for lunch.
Full CPD points will be included.
In order to make the conference and AGM accessible and affordable, we are setting a low-cost registration fee of €60.00 for members and €75.00 for non-members. This includes the workshop fee plus teas, coffees and lunch. The association will provide a subsidy to cover the remaining  costs. Overnight accommodation is available in the Clayton Hotel.  A discount off the Best Available Rate (BAR) is available on a first come, first served basis.
The code for booking is EMDR23 Please contact hotel directly for this.
To register for the Conference/AGM, please follow this link Register here
The registration fee is payable in euro by bank transfer to the EMDR All-Ireland Association permanent TSB account.
IBAN: IE19IPBS99070927802325.
Please attach your name to the transfer.
All relevant documents for the AGM will be circulated to members at least 21 days ahead. The  AGM is open to currently registered members of the Association. Please check that your membership is up to date.
Gus Murray

President, EMDR All-Ireland



EMDR Munster Regional Group

Will launch our newly formed regional group with a



Date: Saturday 7 th  09:30h to 16:30h October 2023

Venue: Kingsley Hotel, Cork.

Fee: €60 (members) €70 (non-members) (including lunch, teas/coffees & refreshments)
CPD: 6 CPD Hours applied for – EMDR All-Ireland Association

This workshop is being delivered pro-bono – proceeds will be used to support the development of EMDR Munster Regional Group.

Registration link:
Contact Details: EMDR Munster Regional Group –

The effectiveness of EMDR therapy in the treatment of trauma and PTSD is now well established and is supported by numerous randomised control studies. Additionally, a growing body of research is demonstrating the effectiveness of EMDR therapy for the treatment of a wide range of clinical conditions and populations e.g. anxiety disorders – phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and geneneralised anxiety disorder; depression; grief and loss; somatic problems – migraines, chronic pain, eating disorders etc.; performance anxiety; addictions; attachment disorders; personality disorders etc. etc. Similarly, a growing body of clinical and research evidence supports the application of EMDR therapy across the full spectrum of low, moderate and high functioning clients. Notwithstanding these developments, feedback from clinicians and consultants would suggest that the full potential of the clinical application of EMDR therapy is still compromised in terms of the scope of its application to a full range of clinical conditions. Many clinicians also seem to experience difficulty and or reluctance regarding their use EMDR therapy with more complex and disordered clients. It would appear also that many clinicians stop short of embracing EMDR as a comprehensive system of Psychotherapy and instead introduce EMDR as an element within their existing approach. This workshop aims to address these issues and will provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to guide the effective integration of EMDR into their clinical practice.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn to:

1. A comprehensive approach to case formulation, treatment planning and target identification in EMDR Therapy
2. To address the challenge of maintaining client regulation while accessing and processing traumatic memories in EMDR therapy.
3. An expanded appreciation of the role of positive resource networks and their use in EMDR therapy
4. To explore the use of EMDR therapy along a continuum from low, moderate to high functioning clients.
5. To explore the use of EMDR therapy in the treatment of a range of clinical conditions and populations

Workshop content:

The workshop will include

  1. Illustrated presentations of relevant material
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Experiential application
  4. Discussion and questions


Gus Murray is an EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the use of EMDR Therapy.
He is a highly experienced Counselling and Psychotherapy trainer having been Programme Director and Lead Trainer at the Cork Institute of Technology for over 25 years. He is an Integrative Psychotherapist, accredited with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has also completed standard and advanced level trainings in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and is an accredited SE practitioner. Additionally, he has completed standard and advanced level trainings in Internal Family Systems (Ego State) therapy and has extensive experience in the teaching and practice of Ego State therapy. Gus was the recipient of the Carl Berkeley memorial award (2017) from the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession Gus is president of the EMDR All-Ireland association. He has presented at EMDR conferences and events throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Bank Details

Bank: Allied Irish Bank.
Address: 9, Main St, Ballincollig, Co Cork
Account Name: EMDR Munster Regional group
IBAN – IE46AIBK93401140238070

Contact Details:
EMDR Munster Regional Group –





This not for profit event is advertised by EMDR All-Ireland Association on behalf of Trauma Aid Europe
Trauma Aid Europe 3rd Annual Virtual Conference
Date:  Saturday 04 November 2023
Cost:   €80.00
8 CPD Hours applied for with EMDR All-Ireland Association

To Book:



Professor Derek P. Farrell, President Trauma Aid Europe
Venerable Robert Miller, Archdeacon of Derry and Michael Doherty, Director of Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
Father Michael Lapsley SSM, President of the Institute of the Healing of Memories and social activist (South Africa)
Carol Martin, Executive Director, Trauma Recovery US : EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programmes

Frank Hofmann, Ute Sodemann and Peter Bumke: TAE Germany TPSS+ in Northern Iraq & Ukraine

Penny PapanikolopoulosManolis Foundoulakis and Vasia Stamati: Child & Adolescent EMDR C-GTEP and G-TEP and Institutionalized Care (Greece)

Deepti Rashaswamy: Childhood Trauma and the Relationship with Extremism

Charlotte Al Khalil: Transgenerational Trauma and Lebanon

Presentation of Trauma Aid Europe Humanitarian Award 2023

Further Lineup Updates and Details to follow












We are delighted to confirm that the

EMDR Europe Association Conference 2024

will be held in Dublin. This is a major event with over 2000 delegates from more than 40 countries.

Dates: 7th, 8th and 9th June 2024

Venue: Dublin Convention Centre.






Professor Derek Farrell MBE: EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer and Consultant,
Chartered Psychologist British Psychological Society, Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor
with BABCP
Susan Darker Smith: EMDR Europe Accredited Child & Adolescent Senior Trainer and
Consultant, Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor with BABCP
Johnny Moran: EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant, Child & Adolescent Consultant, EMDR
Institute Training Facilitator, EMDR Europe Trainer in Training, Accredited Psychotherapist &
Supervisor with IAHIP & IACP
For more information & eligiblity requirements:

EMDR HYBRID TRAINING 2024 – Open Minds Centre