Why become a member?

Membership of the EMDR All-Ireland Association brings you lots of benefits as a therapist, and you need to be a member before you can become an Accredited EMDR Practitioner or Consultant. Membership and accreditation keeps EMDR practice in Ireland high-quality, accountable and professional.

Membership benefits

  • Membership of both EMDR All-Ireland Association and EMDR Europe
  • Access to the accreditation process with free listing on the website to those who become accredited
  • Networking and information updates via regular emails on new developments in EMDR
  • Interactive website with password access to a special members’ area
  • Reduced fees at EMDR All-Ireland Association events
  • Reduced fees for EMDR Europe conferences
  • An eCopy Subscription to the international Journal of EMDR Practice and Research including all past copies
  • Access to Regional Group for peer supervision
  • Access to The EMDR Therapy Quarterly

By joining the Association you will also be supporting the promotion and dissemination of information about EMDR to decision makers and the wider public.

Eligibility for EMDR All-Ireland Membership

To be eligible for membership of the EMDR All-Ireland Association, you must hold professional accreditation from one of the recognised professional accreditation bodies, entitling you to practice as a mental health professional in Ireland .

Please check the following list of recognised professional accreditation bodies


If your professional body not included in this list, please contact [email protected] for further information

Become a member of EMDR All-Ireland

You can become a member of the EMDR All-Ireland Association after completing Part 1 of your EMDR training or at any stage thereafter. The annual membership fee is €60.00

If you have finished Part 1 but are still in training and have not yet received a completion certificate you can join FREE for one year. No payment will be requested until the first 12 months is completed. This needs to be indicated on your membership application form.

Find more information about membership here