Training: becoming an EMDR therapist

EMDR is an advanced psychotherapy requiring a high level of skill. A mental health clinical background is an essential prerequisite for the effective application of EMDR treatment. All training providers must adhere to the same eligibility criteria listed below, as set out by EMDR Europe. You will need to provide evidence that you are accredited with one of the professional associations deemed acceptable by EMDR Europe.

If you train with a provider but do not meet the eligibility criteria below, you will not be eligible for Accreditation.

To check your eligibility for EMDR training, please use the following link:

Eligibility criteria for EMDR training in the Ireland

The training process

There are several different levels of EMDR training, starting with the standard accredited training course.

  • Standard Accredited Training. Usually a seven day course. Basic training can be described as Parts 1-3 or Parts 1-4. It used to also be known as Levels 1 and 2. To complete the course, you must use EMDR therapy with at least three clients in your clinical practice during the training.
  • Practise EMDR under supervision. After enough supervision from an accredited EMDR Europe Consultant and further experience (at least 25 clients), you can apply to become an Accredited Practitioner.
  • Consultant training. Usually a three day course.  Dates will be added to Accreditation tab when published.
  • After at least three years of EMDR practise, sufficient clinical and supervision experience, further training and additional specialist supervision you can apply to become an Accredited Consultant.
  • Specialised training, e.g. EMDR with children and adolescents. Alongside mainstream EMDR training, you may wish to specialise. Levels 1 and 2 of the specialist child training usually consists of two training courses, each two days in length, with separate eligibility criteria. After this you may work towards becoming an accredited specialist, such as a Child & Adolescent Accredited Practitioner or Child & Adolescent Accredited Consultant.