EMDR All-Ireland C&A Committee

Our priority strategy is to meet the objectives set of growth of EMDR C&A on the Island of Ireland

We are currently supporting a major EMDR training initiative, to extend outside of the current EMDR All-Ireland membership and support the launch of a campaign to attract the wider C&A mental health professional community on the island of Ireland to train in C&A EMDR.

We are also supporting promotion of In Person C&A EMDR training to individuals already trained in EMDR .


  • Johnny Moran, Chair
  • Maura Calvert (C&A Newsletter)
  • Aisling Lafferty (C&A Social Media)
  • James Callaghan (C&A Web Site)
  • Siobhan Leijen (C&A Web Site)
  • Deirdre Griffin
  • Keeley White
  • Marianne Gurnee
  • Nettie Bowie
  • Katrin Lehmann
  • Ruth Major
  • Susan Johnston

Accreditation Committee

The committee meets once every two months. The main focus of the committee is to assess the applications for Practitioner Accreditation, Consultant Accreditation, Re-accreditation of both Practitioner and Consultant. Applicants also apply for Accreditation as Child and Adolescent Practitioner and C & A Consultant. When the application is approved by the Accreditation Committee a report is sent to the Board.

The chair of the CPD Committee brings us up to date on the courses/workshops that have applied for CPD points.

We also discuss business items and correspondence from the President.

These are the members of the committee:

  • Gus Murray, President
  • Derek McLoughlin, CPD Committee Chair
  • Saleem Tareen, Committee member
  • Derek Farrell, Committee member
  • Eileen McSweeney, Secretary
  • Aileen Hackett
CPD Committee

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sub-committee is part of the EMDR All Ireland Board. Its function is to review applications for CPD points for events that will take place on the Island of Ireland or virtually.

The sub-committee is Chaired by

  • Derek McLaughlin (Chair)
  • Saleen Tareen
  • Eileen Brophy

As applications come in the material is reviewed by all three members and a decision is made on the eligibility of the event and what CPD points to award. The sub-committee feeds back to the Accreditation Committee on a three-monthly basis and this is forwarded to the full Board. The applicant is informed of the outcome and if the event is supported an evaluation of the event is to be furnished to the sub-committee when the event is complete.