The present committee was formed earlier in 2022 and so far, we have been focused on establishing ourselves and exploring our focus in line with the EMDR constitution and the broader needs of the EMDR community.

The committee has 16 members and meets bi-monthly on the first Thursday of the month. This is a very brief introduction to the members and their roles:

Adam Getty Chairperson
Elaine Wright Secretary/Deputy Chair
Anne McKenny Deputy to Secretary
Maura Calvert Assistant to Secretary
Roisin Prescott Treasurer
Nicola McConnell
Libby Ashurst
Magda McKee Social Media
Derek McLaughlin Events Organiser
Paul Miller Training & Accreditation
Tracey Reid Training & Accreditation
Mary Mitchell
David O’Neill
Julia Ritchie
Marlene Sinclair

The committee plan to run workshops in 2024, and information will be mailed out to All-Ireland members.

If you have any questions for the Committee or wish to contact us about any
other suggestions, please use the email [email protected]